How to Style a Bookcase

I am no expert on this. I had to consult someone more experienced and talented in this area. Thankfully, my mom came to the rescue. I had everything picked out that I wanted to be displayed in my bookcase, and my mom helped me put it all together. Looking at the bookcase, I knew I... Continue Reading →

Fall Bucket List

I have said it before, and I will probably continue to say it, "I love fall!" From the clothes to the activities, I do not have a single complaint about fall. Well, maybe one complaint - it takes what seems like forever for the weather to cool off in Texas.   Visit a pumpkin patch... Continue Reading →

New Apartment – Bathroom

Is it weird to say I love this bathroom? It is one of my favorite parts of my new apartment. If you read my "Labor Day...Literally" blog, then this vanity mirror will look familiar to you. I made this mirror with the help of my dad and Pinterest. This is the finished product and I... Continue Reading →

New Apartment – Bedroom

Oh, how I love everything about this room. It is just so cozy and bright. I could stay in here all day. I also love what new bedding can do for a room. I completely changed the look of this room just by buying new bedding. My most favorite part about this room is that... Continue Reading →

New Apartment – Kitchen

I wish you could have seen the size of my old kitchen. Let's just say there was barely enough room to turn around, much less have more than one person in there. Obviously, this one is much bigger. I have already cooked in here and I love the space! I was so excited to decorate... Continue Reading →

New Apartment – Living Room

I am officially moved into my new apartment. It is such a great change for me, and it already feels like home.❤️ I will do a series of "apartment" posts over the next few weeks. This one is all about the living room. If you remember in my "Labor Day... Literally" post, I talked about how... Continue Reading →

Fall Is Here!

It is finally fall! What better way to celebrate than to spend the day decorating and watching college football. That is exactly what I did. If I have not said it yet, fall is my favorite season. From the fall fashions to the home decor, I love it all! I started by buying new candles and... Continue Reading →

All Things Activewear

I have to confess my activewear has never been to the gym. Is anyone else like me? I am the absolute worst when it comes to being active. The last time I actually worked out in a gym was my freshman year in high school. I do exercise; it's just not consistent and usually in... Continue Reading →

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