A Little Life Update

Hello again! Man, it has been a long while since my last post. I have missed writing, but I really needed that break. No need to worry though, I am here to catch you up on all things Nat. My last post was around Thanksgiving last year. Since then, I have been on a few... Continue Reading →

Spring Fever!

Oh the sunshine! Spring just makes me happy. Everything just feels fresh and new. I did some spring cleaning and made some room in my very full closet. So, of course, some new clothes were a must for this spring. I had to put something on the now empty hangers! This adorable skirt caught my... Continue Reading →

A Lot T​o Be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday. My first is Christmas, of course. I love most of all the traditions of Thanksgiving. In our family, we usually spend the morning cooking and we end up having a late lunch. This year's Thanksgiving meant more to us than ever before. Last year we were... Continue Reading →

Home Sweet Home

I am so excited to share with everyone the details of my new apartment. I have been planning and buying decorations for my new place over the past year. With the help of a new job as an ophthalmic technician for an optometrist, I finally was able to afford an apartment, and on September 29, I got... Continue Reading →

The Best Friend​

On the first day of my freshman year in high school, I was introduced to a girl named Brittanie. Little did I know, at the time, that we would become best friends and still be best friends today. We ended up having multiple classes together through high school. To no surprise, we spent most of... Continue Reading →

4th of July Y’all!

Fireworks, food, friends, and a great outfit, what else do you need for a perfect 4th of July. I was a little late in finding my 4th of July outfit but I pulled it off. I already had the shorts. I got them from American Eagle Outfitter's a few seasons back. You can still find some... Continue Reading →

Just a Little Family Time

On Saturday, my mom's sister, her husband, and their baby came to stay with us for a few days. We have not had the chance to meet their baby, Sutter, in person. Also, we have not seen Ben and Courtney since they got married three years ago. My mom and Courtney are sisters, but surprisingly Courtney's... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Girl

You've already heard all about my mom, so now let me tell you about my dad. The saying goes, "Once a daddy's girl always a daddy's girl." It may seem cliché, but it is true. From day one I have had my dad wrapped around my finger. He can not say no to me. I... Continue Reading →

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