Fall Bootie Guide

I have a huge love for shoes, but I love my fall booties more than anything. Out of all of my booties, I have picked out the best ones to share with you.

Fall Bootie Guide | natalieponder.com

  1. Cheetah Bootie – Like I mentioned in the “It’s Game Day Y’all!” post, I sometimes shop for shoes in the kid section. I found these for under $20 in the little girls’ section at target. I usually wear a ladies 6/6.5, but in kids sizes, I wear a 4.5/5.
  2. Taupe Bootie – I recently found these booties at Dillard’s. I bought them for the sole purpose of wearing them while at work. I am on my feet all day Monday-Friday. The Sofft brand is my new go-to for work shoes. They have the perfect amount of cushion and arch support. My lower back and feet do not hurt nearly as bad as they used too.
  3. Black Bootie – Another winner from the Sofft brand. With their slip-on style, I have worn these a ton. They go with so much from dresses to jeans. You cannot go wrong with these booties. Plus, like I mentioned above, the comfort level of these shoes is off the charts.
  4. Black Heeled Bootie – These are my go-to dressy bootie. I also have them in taupe and have plans to grab them in all the other colors as well. I love these for special events when I want to look a little more sophisticated. I do not recommend wearing them for more than eight hours straight. Unless you are more trained for wearing heels than I am. Most people are, though.
  5. Brown Relaxed Bootie – A few seasons ago, I stumbled upon these boots. Every time I wear them, I get asked where I found them. I wish I could have found the original shoe, but this is as close as I could get. I love these for a more casual look. I usually pair them with an oversized sweater and some jeans and it turns out so cute.

What are some of your favorite fall shoes? I am a sucker for booties, obviously. Leave a comment below.



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