It’s Game Day, Y’all!

It is officially fall and in the south, that means college football. It is more than just watching the games, though. It is the tailgates before the game. You dress up and grill out in the parking lots before the game. By dress up, I mean you put on your cutest fall outfit, in school colors, of course, and be camera ready!

It's Game Day Y'all!  |

  1. Skirt, Top, Cardigan, and Booties – This is perfect for the start of football season. When the weather gets cold, you might want to trade that skirt in for some jeans. I love these colors together, though. Do not be fooled by the rustic orange. It’s the closest I could get to Oklahoma State orange.
  2. Jeans, Tank, Jacket, and Sneakers – I love anything maroon and I have been wearing these shoes on repeat since I got them. Has anyone else fallen in love with the button front jean trend, because I am all for it. This outfit would be perfect for you Aggie lovers, but I will be wearing it for WTAMU.
  3. Top, Pants, Sneakers – Before anyone asks, yes, those are emojis in the bottom of my sneakers. There is a reason for that. I have small feet (6/6.5). I discovered a few years ago that I can still wear some kid shoes, and in an act to save money, I buy kid shoes sometimes. This top is from a few seasons ago, but it works well for my Alabama look.
  4. Top, Flannel, Jeans, Sneakers – The number of times I will wear this flannel during fall/winter is far too many. I also just snagged these jeans from AEO and I am in love. I can not say, “No,” to a good pair of distressed denim, especially a black pair. As for the Vans, they are so versatile. I love that I can wear them with almost everything. Throw on this outfit, get your gun’s up, and wreck em’, Tech!

I love football season, and a good excuse to dress up. In reality, I watch most games from the comfort of my couch with my favorite snack and drink, but when the opportunity comes for a good tailgate party, I’ll be ready.



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