All Things Wall Decor

With my new and bigger apartment, I have a lot of walls to decorate. I loved getting to decorate my new place, but I could not have done it by myself. My mom has an eye for home design and she is great at helping me transfer my ideas into reality.

In my bedroom, I knew I wanted a bohemian glam design for the space. I already had the wood wall piece. It was actually in my living room in my old apartment. I transitioned it into my bedroom, but knew it needed something more. I have a boxwood wreath on my front door and love the way it looked. So I thought about what that would look like in my bedroom. I love the way it looks; having it layered over the wood piece is my favorite. Plus, I love the pop of color it adds in the neutral space.

In the living room, the main thing I was certain I wanted was a gallery wall. I had seen advertisements for Mixtiles, and was eager to check them out. I had so many pictures I wanted to incorporate on the wall. I had to narrow it down some. I picked 24 of my favorite pictures and placed my order with Mixtiles. I decided to do all black and white pictures because I love a classic and clean look. I also decided to go with the black framed images rather than the wrapped canvas because I wanted it to be a little more dressed up. Above my TV, I have some of my favorite pieces displayed. I love the paper mâché deer head I painted in silver to match the other accents I have in the space. I added two black arrows right below it, and a wood framed piece with one of my favorite verses on it.

New Apartment - Bathroom |

The bathroom was the easiest to decorate. I just hung three simple framed images on the wall by my mirror. I purchased the images on Etsy and was able to pick the size and frame I wanted. I went with a thin black frame for a more modern look.

I am so happy with my new apartment. It turned out so cute and cozy. It is the perfect space to unwind in after a long day at work.




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