How to Style a Bookcase

I am no expert on this. I had to consult someone more experienced and talented in this area. Thankfully, my mom came to the rescue. I had everything picked out that I wanted to be displayed in my bookcase, and my mom helped me put it all together.

Looking at the bookcase, I knew I had a lot of room to work with. It was kind of overwhelming. The first thing we put in the bookcase was my fashion magazines. For a while now, I have been saving my favorite issues of Vogue, InStyle, or Elle that I buy throughout the year. My mom came up with the idea to style them a bit out of the norm. We stacked them horizontally on the shelves rather than standing up vertically. My magazines to me are what books are to other people. It’s my kind of reading. In the wicker baskets on the bottom shelf, I placed my movies. This is a great way to store them and keep it stylish. I may not have a lot of literature books, but the few I do have, my mom perfectly styled on a couple of the shelves. My favorite part is hard to see in the photo, but on the top shelf, I have all my snow globes. Since I was little, I have collected snow globes from each vacation we took. I love having them displayed. The last pieces we added were my college diplomas. I put them in modern frames and styled them on the shelves. I added the fun banner to go with my fall decor. I have one for each season. It is a fun way to decorate for the seasons.


If you are wondering where I found this bookcase, it was not in a store. My mom found it in our church and completely redid it. It looks so much better than it used to. Now the only downside is it weighs a ton. My dad and brother HATE having to move it, but they do it anyways.



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