Fall Bucket List

I have said it before, and I will probably continue to say it, “I love fall!” From the clothes to the activities, I do not have a single complaint about fall. Well, maybe one complaint – it takes what seems like forever for the weather to cool off in Texas.


    1. Visit a pumpkin patch – last weekend I found the cutest pumpkin patch in Amarillo, Texas. The Grady Family at Howard Farms is located on Soncy and Pilgrim in between Pete’s Car Smart Kia and The Colonies. They are local to the 806 with the farm being in Clarendon, Tx. Aside from pumpkins they also do a fireworks stand during the summer. If you are local and need some great pumpkins to get “fall ready,” go see Beth at the pumpkin patch, she is so sweet and helpful.
    2. Eat a caramel apple – I may get overly excited when the caramel apples arrive in the grocery stores. I love anything with caramel, especially apples. Ever since I was little, I would eagerly await the arrival of my caramel apples. It was like the official start of fall each year.
    3. Have a movie night – Now, during the fall, a ton of “scary movies” come out. So if that is your thing, then you go for it. I, on the other hand, will be curled up in a fuzzy blanket watching a romantic comedy and then sleeping soundly without any nightmares. I am all for movies, but only if they can make me laugh.
    4. Coffee on the patio – I personally think coffee tastes better on a fall Saturday morning while I sit outside. When I was growing up, I remember my parents always drinking their coffee together on the patio. My mom would be bundled up in a blanket and my dad would be enjoying the cold air.  The cool mornings and the roasted smell of coffee bring back warm memories.
    5. Have a family day – In my family, we do Saturday night dinner. In the fall, this consists of the boys watching college football and the girls cooking. This is what fall is all about. This is what Saturday’s have always been like at the Ponder house and they’re my favorite!


What are some of your fall must do’s? Leave a comment below, I would love to know. Happy Fall Y’all.



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