New Apartment – Bathroom

Is it weird to say I love this bathroom? It is one of my favorite parts of my new apartment. If you read my “Labor Day…Literally” blog, then this vanity mirror will look familiar to you. I made this mirror with the help of my dad and Pinterest. This is the finished product and I am thrilled to have designated space for my makeup. My makeup table is actually a part of my family heirloom set. I cannot tell you how many things it has been before now when I am using it for a makeup vanity. My makeup brush organizer was originally a silverware organizer. Sometimes you got to think outside the box, right? The cute wall pictures are an Etsy find from a few years ago, but I love them and will most likely continue to move them to each new place.

Also in my bathroom, I created a “jewelry wall.” This has made my life so much easier. No more tangled up necklaces or wasted time trying to find my other earring. Might I add, it was so simple to do. All I needed was some cork boards, thumbtacks, and a shelf. I used Command velcro strips to hang the cork boards. Command products are great for anyone who is renting or trying to avoid wall damage. I used thumb tacks to hang my necklaces, and the shelf holds my watchbands, bracelets, and ring holder. If you have the space to display your jewelry, you definitely should.

This may be the last room in my apartment, but don’t worry. I have more home post in the works. Stay tuned for lots of fall fun on the blog tomorrow. You will not want to miss out. If you have read my other “New Apartment…” posts, I would love to know what your favorite part was. Leave a comment below.



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