New Apartment – Bedroom

Oh, how I love everything about this room. It is just so cozy and bright. I could stay in here all day. I also love what new bedding can do for a room. I completely changed the look of this room just by buying new bedding.

My most favorite part about this room is that all of the furniture is unique. My bed is a family heirloom. It has been in my family for years. The dresser and bedside tables are garage sale finds, that I brought back to life. As for the bedding, let’s start at the bottom and work our way up. I went with white sheetsa white duveta quilt, cream throw pillows, a lumbar pillowand an oblong pillow. I love mixing creams and whites together, and thanks to Target for making my bedroom vision become a reality.  On my bedside table, I kept it clean and simple with just a lamp, which I found both the lamp bases and lamp shades at Target, along with my curtains. My dresser lamp is one I have had for a while so I am not even sure where it is from. I seriously got everything for my bedroom at Target.

I also had some luck with Wayfair. This summer they had a major sale going on. I scored my area rug and my boxwood wreath for an amazing price. I layered the boxwood wreath over the wood wall art I already had. This is a great decorating tip. I wanted to add some color to my space but in a classy way. Greenery is a great way to do that, and don’t be afraid to layer wall decor.

All together I create a serene environment to begin and end my day in. I hope you are loving my home posts so far. There is still more to come, but don’t worry. I will include some fashion pieces, as well. Tomorrow is all the details on my bathroom. There is a special project I made for my bathroom that I know you guys are going to love.



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