Fall Nail Guide

Fall nail colors are the best. The warm, deep colors add a richness that is uniquely expressed in autumn. Previously, I did a "5 Summer Nail Polishes" blog post and it was all about bright colors. The fall colors I chose are some of my favorite because I love all things fall. Essie "Take Me... Continue Reading →

Fall Bootie Guide

I have a huge love for shoes, but I love my fall booties more than anything. Out of all of my booties, I have picked out the best ones to share with you. Cheetah Bootie - Like I mentioned in the "It's Game Day Y'all!" post, I sometimes shop for shoes in the kid section.... Continue Reading →

Cooking for One

I love to cook, but cooking for one can be a bit of a challenge. I have come up with some great ways to enjoy home-cooked meals for a family even though it is just me. Pinterest has become my go-to for anything, especially dinner ideas. Lemon Butter Garlic Shrimp Pasta - I actually just... Continue Reading →

It’s Game Day, Y’all!

It is officially fall and in the south, that means college football. It is more than just watching the games, though. It is the tailgates before the game. You dress up and grill out in the parking lots before the game. By dress up, I mean you put on your cutest fall outfit, in school... Continue Reading →

All Things Wall Decor

With my new and bigger apartment, I have a lot of walls to decorate. I loved getting to decorate my new place, but I could not have done it by myself. My mom has an eye for home design and she is great at helping me transfer my ideas into reality. In my bedroom, I... Continue Reading →

AEO Fall Clothing Guide

So I went to the mall last weekend to get one thing. I did get that one thing...plus a few other things I did not need. I was walking by American Eagle and thought it would not hurt to look. Well, it hurt. I walked out with a bag full of clothes that I may... Continue Reading →

How to Style a Bookcase

I am no expert on this. I had to consult someone more experienced and talented in this area. Thankfully, my mom came to the rescue. I had everything picked out that I wanted to be displayed in my bookcase, and my mom helped me put it all together. Looking at the bookcase, I knew I... Continue Reading →

Fall Bucket List

I have said it before, and I will probably continue to say it, "I love fall!" From the clothes to the activities, I do not have a single complaint about fall. Well, maybe one complaint - it takes what seems like forever for the weather to cool off in Texas.   Visit a pumpkin patch... Continue Reading →

New Apartment – Bathroom

Is it weird to say I love this bathroom? It is one of my favorite parts of my new apartment. If you read my "Labor Day...Literally" blog, then this vanity mirror will look familiar to you. I made this mirror with the help of my dad and Pinterest. This is the finished product and I... Continue Reading →

New Apartment – Bedroom

Oh, how I love everything about this room. It is just so cozy and bright. I could stay in here all day. I also love what new bedding can do for a room. I completely changed the look of this room just by buying new bedding. My most favorite part about this room is that... Continue Reading →

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