New Apartment – Kitchen

I wish you could have seen the size of my old kitchen. Let’s just say there was barely enough room to turn around, much less have more than one person in there. Obviously, this one is much bigger. I have already cooked in here and I love the space!

I was so excited to decorate this space because more room meant I could actually decorate. I managed not to have to buy anything new for this space which is a plus. My favorite designer, Kate Spade, is a huge part of my kitchen. I love her Home Collection and my utensil holder, accent plates, napkins, and a few other pieces in the cabinets are all from her “All In Good Taste” collection. I received the best cookbook for a housewarming gift. I have already looked through it and there is a lot of recipes I am going to try. Actually, they are all good so hopefully, I have the opportunity to try all of them.

Now the best part of the kitchen is my little coffee bar I added. I used a family heirloom dresser as the table. It worked out that it has drawers so it doubles as extra storage. Trust me, I have a lot of stuff. My team of movers will testify to this as well. Making my morning coffee has never been so much fun.

I am not done yet, next week is the bedroom and bathroom reveal. I know it is not fair for me to make you wait, but I did not want to have a really long post. So I had to break it up into parts. I hope you are enjoying my posts so far. If you have any questions or sweet comments, leave them below.



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