All Things Activewear

I have to confess my activewear has never been to the gym. Is anyone else like me? I am the absolute worst when it comes to being active. The last time I actually worked out in a gym was my freshman year in high school. I do exercise; it’s just not consistent and usually in the privacy of my own home. That will hopefully change now. I have been in my new apartment for a week and since my rent includes a gym membership, I decided it was time to go to the gym. I mean, I want my money’s worth you know. I have a great collection of cute activewear that I have mostly used as loungewear. Time to put them to work as they were originally designed.


  1. Top, pants, shoes – I love a good pair of running shoes. I received this pair for Christmas last year. The colors scream energy and I will need that to keep me motivated. I have had this top for a few years, but it is still so cute and comfy. The leggings are high rise which is a great feature if you’re not in the best shape just yet.IMG_4149
  2. Top, pants, shoes – I was very hesitant to buy a pair of white shoes, but these are so easy to clean. Just throw them in the washing machine with some towels and they’re good as new. I also branched out and purchased these floral leggings. I do not own any leggings that are not black or a dark grey. I love these leggings, though. So here’s to stepping out of my box.IMG_4148
  3. Top, shorts, sports brashoes – Back in black, but I obviously have not seen the sun in a few weeks thanks to a busy schedule. 😂 Also, if you need some extremely comfortable shoes, you might look into the Nike Roshe. I could wear mine 24/7.

Here’s to the start of a new workout schedule! Let’s see how I do. What are some of your favorite activewear pieces? Leave a comment below.



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