The Bachelor Pad Living Room Update

In the latest Bachelor Pad post, I showed a completely empty living room in my brother’s house. Now, I have good news! All of his furniture has been delivered.  It is a full living room except for one lamp and his curtains.

I have to say he honestly did a great job picking out the furniture. My mom may have helped guide him in the right direction, though. He, of course, wanted a more minimalist/masculine living room. So, we went with dark colors and are easing him into adding more pillows and decor to his space. We don’t want to push him over the edge.

At first, he was not sure if he wanted a sectional or a sofa. He ended up finding a sofa he liked that had a matching loveseat. So he went that route. My favorite part is that they are navy. I am currently loving all things navy. Plus, it looks so good in his space. For his coffee table, he went with an industrial wood look. It came with a glass piece for the top, but he chose to remove it. He also got the matching side table. The lamp might be the best part of the living room. I love the Edison bulbs in it. He picked out the perfect rug to complement the space, as well. Might I add, if you are looking for a great “manly” candle, we found this one at Bath & Bodyworks. Finally, it would not be complete without a huge tv with the latest and greatest sound system. He has some plan to make it an entertainment room.

I have to admit he really did a great job with every room in his house. It is coming together and I love how it all fits his style. Eventually, we will get decor on the walls and hang the curtains. We are making progress. Now all he has to do is keep it clean😉.




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