Three Ways To Style a Graphic Tee

Those who know me know about my extreme love of the 90’s tv show, “Friends.” I also live in t-shirts when I am not at work.  I love wearing my “you’re my lobster” shirt. It is one of my favorites. It is such a good quality tee. It feels literally like a blanket.  I have a few go-to ways of styling it that I wanted to share with you.

  1. I do not have a name for this look, but it is my first go-to look. These jeans have been featured on my blog before because they are my all time favorite pair. I changed them up a few weeks ago when I decided to make the bottom a distressed/undone hem. This made them the perfect ankle length that I love. Now my “Ross & Rachel” shirt is from a local boutique called Makie Black. They carry a ton of these comfy graphic tees. As for my sneakers, I got them during the Nordstrom anniversary sale earlier this year. I love that they have a hidden wedge keeping them cute and casual.Three Ways To Style a Graphic Tee  |
  2. My second look is basically the first one but I added a touch of fall to it with a flannel. I love me a good flannel and surprisingly, the majority of my flannels come from Old Navy. They are the perfect fit and so soft. I am wearing my favorite jeans again and the same sneakers just in a different color. I also like to add a cuff sleeve to my t-shirts. It makes me feel like I am not just wearing a box with armholes.Three Ways To Style a Graphic Tee  |
  3. My third look is for late fall and winter. I love wearing cardigans during the colder months and this is one I usually reach for first. I paired it with my new go-to shoe for transition seasons/fall. I love these slip-on loafers. They are perfect for every day and work.  These jeans are another one of my favorites. They have the perfect amount of distress and the wash is excellent.IMG_2896

If you love graphic tees like I do, then share some of the fun ways you style them in the comments below. Also, check out my Instagram to see more of my daily style.


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