My Fall Makeup Look

My favorite season is fall for many reasons. Obviously, I love the weather, activities, and wearing cardigans. I also love spicing up my makeup to coordinate with fall as well. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I am sure the other seasons are great, too.

My Fall Makeup Look |
My favorite part of this makeup look is my eyeshadow. I used the Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette. On the outer corner I used “Ashes” and “Cayenne”. I blended them to create a smooth line. On the center of my lid I used “Scorched” and “Dirty Talk”. Rather than blending these, I just patted the eyeshadow onto my lid to keep the color vibrant. On my upper lid, I used “Chaser” to help smooth out the lines. This creates a more natural look. To finish the eyeshadow, I used “Ounce” in the inside corner of my eye and along my brow bone. Next, I added some Eyeliner. I only do a wing and slightly bring the line to the center of my top lid. Not taking the line straight across keeps my eyes from looking crossed off. For a more natural/everyday look, I would not wear eyeliner. I also fill in my eyebrows just a little to help them look fuller. I put a thin coat of Mascara on my eyes and then my eyes are done.

My Fall Makeup Look |
As for my face, that part is easy. First, I apply some primer to help my makeup last all day without getting “caky”.  I use my Beauty Blender to apply a little liquid foundation, MAC Studio Fix. After I get my foundation blended in, I apply some blush to my check bones and blend it out towards my hair line. I use some bronzer just on the sides of my nose and along my hairline blending it down toward my eyebrows. I then add a little highlighter under my eyes and along my cheekbones. I use a pressed powder all over to help set and blend. I finish with a setting spray, and add some lipstick ,Velvet Teddy, and we are done.

I enjoy doing makeup and coming up with new looks that I can share with you makes it even more enjoyable. I would love to know if you try this technique. Leave a comment below and share a pic.



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