Labor Day…Literally

How crazy is it that it’s already September and fall is right around the corner! I can hardly wait! Did anyone actually do nothing for Labor Day? I can’t remember the last time I had a day where I just did nothing and unfortunately this holiday was no different.

I had a list of things to do on my three day weekend and I can say I completed all of them. With my move in date just two weeks away, I needed to get some unfinished DIY projects done.  I did not just work all weekend, yesterday we did have a cookout at my brother’s house. After all our hard work we were all in need of some food.

  1. Project number one was to put lights in my new vanity mirror. In my new apartment, I will have an area where my makeup vanity will fit perfectly. Naturally, I wanted one of those awesome mirrors with the lights in them. The price tag on those things made me not want one, though. After spending time on Pinterest, I found this easy step-by-step guide to do it yourself. It literally only cost me $60 to do it. I found a mirror at Target and ordered the light kit on Amazon. My dad drilled the holes and that was it. So easy! I saved around $200 – crazy, right?
  2.  Project number two, staining my coffee table. I wanted a new coffee table but I am very picky when it comes to my home decor. I could not find one that had everything I wanted. So, I picked the one that was close enough. The only problem with this one was the wood was not dark enough. Thankfully, some previous buyers shared in the reviews that they had stained it to better meet their color choice. So, I got it stained and checked one more thing off my list.
  3. Project number three, to touch up my dresser. My mom actually bought this dresser a few years ago and has used it for extra storage. She was sweet enough to give it to me to store my ridiculous amount of clothes. This actually turned out to be the easiest project this weekend. I thought at first I was going to paint it black, but after looking at what I have planned for my bedroom, I decided it would look better just the way it is. So after the change of plans, all we had to do was touch it up a little bit. The bottom part is painted a cream/beige color and the top is a dark wood. It will go perfectly in my new room.

I am so excited that my move-in date is getting closer. I cannot wait to get all moved in and share with you my new place. Stay tuned for more posts regarding all things home decor.



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