Top 10 Apartment Must Haves

If you didn’t read my most recent blog, I shared a little life update on myself. As stated in the post, I am getting ready to move to a new apartment. I have started rounding up some new decor pieces for my new place. I will be using everything that is in my current apartment, but a girl needs some new things, right?

  1. Mixtiles – I have been wanting to do a gallery wall for a while. I have so many pictures with my favorite people that I want to display in my new place. Mixtiles is a great way to do that. They are an 8×8 canvas that does require a hammer and nail to hang them. You get to pick from photos on your phone and they ship them directly to your house. They were also sweet enough to give me a discount code to share with my readers. Use “PONDER15” to receive 15% off your order now until 9-15-18.
  2. Boxwood wreath – I love greenery and wreaths. I actually have one of these on my front door, but I need another one for a special spot in my new apartment.
  3. Area rug – In my current apartment, the bedroom and living room have carpet in them. I currently only have one area rug in my living room. In my new apartment, there is stained concrete throughout. I went on a hunt to find an area rug for my bedroom. I snagged this one during Wayfair’s rug sale.
  4. Faux plants – I will confess I do not have a green thumb. I currently have one real plant and I either over or under water him. There is no in-between. I decided it was time to switch to fake plants.
  5. Storage baskets – I will also confess I have a ton of clothes and shoes. I had to find a way to store all of my things in a stylish way. These baskets are so cute and functional.
  6. Storage cubes – I told you I had a lot of stuff, but it’s an absolute must that it’s all tidy. I use these cubes in my kitchen to keep my cabinets and fridge organized.
  7. Bedding – I wanted some new bedding for my new place, and this was the perfect match for me.
  8. Throw pillows – You can never have too many pillows. I needed pillows for my couch because I am getting a new one that is a different color than the one I have now. So, of course, new couch pillows.
  9. Throw blankets – Fun fact: I cannot sit on a couch without a blanket. I do not care if it’s 100 degrees outside. I have to have a blanket.
  10. Candles – A good home is a home that smells good. My mom always made our house smell amazing. My friends would all comment on how good our house smelled when they would come over. She taught me well. Plus, candles are so cute to have around your place. Capri Blue “Volcano” is the absolute best smelling candle hands down. You are going to want this scent; I promise.

I would love to know what your apartment/home must-haves are. Please leave a comment below. I will continue to share more about my new place as it gets closer to move in day. Follow me on Instagram @nat_ponder to see more content.



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