Life Update

So many exciting things are happening for me. I wanted to take the time to share a little update for you. About a year ago, I got a job as an Ophthalmic Technician and moved into my first apartment. I had so much fun decorating my first apartment and getting it exactly how I wanted it. Flash forward to April, I accepted a job offer to be an Optician at an optometrist office that I had wanted to work at since finishing my schooling.

Now to the best news of all – I’M MOVING!! Do not worry friends I am still going to be in Amarillo. I am just moving to a different apartment. In about a month, I will be sleeping in my new place. I am beyond excited, the apartment I picked is so me. It fits my style to a T.

Life Update |

I have been busy planning and getting things together for my new place. Of course, I had to get some new decor for a new apartment. Thankfully, I have the best interior designer (my mama) to help me along the way. Fun fact – when I was younger, she had her own interior design business as a little side job. Now she just helps me and my brother decorate our places.

After locking down the apartment I wanted, I started planning out everything. I am a huge planner. So it was very important to me to have an idea of what the apartment would look like with all of my furniture in there. My mom actually introduced me to this app that lets you create a 3-D model of your place, as well as, place furniture in the design space. All you have to do is get the measurements you need for walls, chairs, etc. It allows you to move the furniture around so you can see what looks best.

Life Update |

Once I got an idea of where I wanted my furniture to go, I got to decide on a design theme for each room and buy new decor if I needed to. I cannot wait to get moved in and share with you all the details of my new place. Until then, I will keep you updated as the weeks go on with all my apartment details. Follow me on Instagram to see more content on what I have planned for my new place.



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