Transition Season Outfits

I call late August-early October “transition season. In Texas, this is the time where the weather starts to cool off in the mornings and evenings. Sadly the days can still be hot. I have some go-to looks for transition seasons that keep you looking stylish.

Transition Season Outfits |

  1. Lightweight sweater – A cozy lightweight sweater is at the top of my favorites list. Technically, anything that makes me feel cozy is at the top of my list. I wear this sweater with cut offs during the transition season.
  2. Henley tee – I own way too many of these. My favorite way to wear them is with cutoffs and sneaks. Perfect for the end of summer/early fall weather.
  3. Cheetah sneakers – I live in sneakers during the transition season. Obviously, these have seen better days. They are on their last leg. Makes me so sad. I love my cheetah sneaks because they go with anything and everything.
  4. Black slip-on sneakers – If you do not already own these you need a pair. Talk about comfy! I can wear these all day long and my feet won’t hurt. I also love that they are black.
  5. Grey hooded Cardigan – I absolutely love cardigans. My least favorite thing about summer is it’s too hot to wear them. What makes a good cardigan is one that is long enough to wear with leggings and cozy enough to feel like you are wrapped in a blanket. I love just layering a solid tee or tank under them during the transition season.
  6. Button-up shirt – Now this shirt can be worn so many different ways. It comes in different colors too. It is such a good buy because of how versatile it is. I sometimes wear it tied around my waist, tied in the front, all unbuttoned with a tee, or like pictured above.

I cannot wait for the transition season to get here. To say I am over the heat, would be an understatement. I only like summer if I can be at the beach, which is not a reality because I have bills to pay. Anyways, I would love to see what you wear for transition season. Leave a comment below. Also, follow me on Instagram @nat_ponder to see more of my daily outfits/lifestyle.


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