How to Nail an Interview

I cannot tell you how many interviews I went to right after I graduated from college. I felt like all I did was go to interviews. I felt as if after so many interviews, I finally had it down to a science. Here are a few of my tips for the interview process.

  • Show up early – By early I mean 10-15 minutes early. This shows professionalism as well as punctuation. Two things that the interviewer is most likely looking for.
  • Dress the part – This means do not wear your loungewear as well as jeans. A blazer makes a huge statement.  It is my go-to piece for all my interviews even if the job requires wearing scrubs every day.
  • Know your stuff – It is always a plus when you know a little about the business/company background. Also, know what is on your resume. This will make you shine when the interviewer references either of these.
  • Good posture – I cannot stress this enough. Having good posture when you are sitting in the interview chair is so important. It shows confidence and professionalism when you sit up tall and hold your head up during the interview.
  • Resume/cover letter – A resume can make or break your interview. Thankfully, when I was in college, I was a business major. I had to complete a class specifically on resumes. Also, my mom let me in on a secret that printing your resume on official resume paper will go a long way. Go for a pale blue paper to set your resume apart from the other applicants. I received so many compliments on my resume during my interviews.
  • Eye contact – Always, I repeat, always look the interviewer in the eye. I know it sounds silly but you would be surprised how often you might forget to do that.

I know having a list of tips does not help the nerves of an interview, but I always remind myself that it is just a conversation. Has anyone else been through some intense interviews? I would love to hear some of your interview fails or successes. Leave a comment below.



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