The 30 Day Challenge

Are you just as surprised that tomorrow is the first day of August as I am? Where did summer go? Anyway, the best part about August is that it’s the perfect month to get a healthy habit in place before life gets busy.  It takes about 21 days to form a habit. So why not start on August first?

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day and I found so many 30 day challenges ranging from fitness to happiness. I personally am going to make a serious effort to work out consistently. This is something I struggle with. Is it just me?

  • 30 Day Fashion Challenge – This looks like such a fun challenge. It is all about having fun with your style. It also might challenge you to step out of the box a little. For example, one day you are challenged to wear a color you usually do not wear. That would be a hard one for me. I prefer to stick to my basic/favorite colors.
  • 30 Day Happiness Challenge – How fun would this challenge be? Day 13 says to play with an animal. No one has to challenge me to do that. I love animals! Also, it challenges you to go outside more and get fresh air. That may not seem appealing right now with this Texas heat, but it only takes a few minutes of fresh air and sunshine to see its full benefits.
  • 30 Day Minimalism Challenge – I personally think everyone should do this challenge. It challenges to turn off your notifications, spend time with loved ones, and leave your phone at home. Everyone is so focused on digital devices that we forget to see the world around us. Think of the difference it would make in our relationships if took on this challenge.
  • 30 Day Cleaning Challenge – I will defiantly be doing this challenge. I love a clean house. I guess it is just part of being slightly OCD.  Each day you are challenged to clean one part of your home. By the end of the month, you will have a very clean house. I love that idea!
  • 30 Day Abs and Squats Challenge – Finally, a fitness challenge. I love these types of challenges because it gives me the opportunity to better my health.

I know not everyone loves a good challenge, but if you do consider a 30 day challenge it is the perfect length to form a habit. Happy first day of August Everyone! I hope you make the most of these last few days of summer. It will be Christmas before we know it.



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  1. Hi Natalie. I like the 30 day happiness challenge. I was diagnosed with depression (is diagnosed even the correct term?) last year and have been struggling with it for a while now. I find the challenge helpful.


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