​My Skincare Routine

I cannot count the number of skincare products I have tried. From high end to low end, I have tried them all. At the first of the year, I decided to try a new brand. I gave it a six-month trial run before I made a decision about its quality and effectiveness. It passed and now I get to share with you why I love it so much.

The products I use are from, Tula, and one of my favorite bloggers recommended them to me. Tula is a probiotic-based skincare line. I am currently using only three of their products. They also have others I have not tried yet.

My Skincare Routine - Tula | natalieponder.com

First, I use the Purifying Face Cleanser. I love how my skin feels after I use this. It leaves no residue and gets my skin good and clean. The best part about the cleanser is that it is gentle. My skin is so sensitive and since I started using this cleanser I have noticed a difference in the condition of my skin. It no longer looks red and irritated.

Second, I use the Aqua Infusion Oil-Free Gel Cream. This is the holy grail of moisturizers. On their website they describe it as “eight glasses of water for your face” and they are not kidding. This is perfect for oily skin. It gives you the moisture you need without weighing down your skin and clogging your pores.

Third, my ALL time favorite face mask. I use the Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask once a week. This mask is perfect for sensitive skin, as well. Tula formulated the mask to help your skin recover from dryness and stress. It does just that. I love using this mask after a long week of work. My skin feels so refreshed afterward. I also have a pro tip for you. Keep the mask in the fridge to give your skin an added cooling effect. Doing this one step has been such a treat this summer with our blazing temperatures here in Texas.

If you are searching for a new skin care line, I highly recommend giving Tula a try. Their products have changed my skin. I have found the one whom my skin loves!



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