5 Netflix Must Watch

This one is for all my fellow Netflix binge watchers. In my free time, I love to just relax on the couch with a good show/movie. So, today I want to share a list of my top five favorites on Netflix right now.

  1. Riverdale – This is still a current show on the CW. I was actually late to the party on this series. I did not start watching it until they put the first part of season one on Netflix. I kid you not; I watched those first episodes in one day. So the show is based on the Archie Comics from the 40’s. Also, my childhood celebrity crush, Cole Sprouse, is one of the main characters. I do not want to give too much away about the show. You just have to watch it, and get hooked like I did. I still love these “tween/teen” tv shows, and I think you would, too.
  2. A Series of Unfortunate Events – This is a Netflix original series. If you have not seen it yet, you need to stop what you are doing and start watching. My brother and I read the books, and watched the movie when we were in elementary school. Watching the show is like reliving my childhood. But don’t think that it’s all childish.  It is very entertaining even for adults. You will defiantly love this series.
  3. When We First Meet – This is a Netflix original movie. It is a little cheesy, but it is such a sweet love story.  The main character is Adam DeVine.  You probably know him as Bumper from Pitch Perfect. He is stuck in the “friend zone” with the girl of his dreams. That is all I will tell you about it. I do not want to ruin the whole movie for you.
  4. The Kissing Booth – I LOVE this Netflix original movie! I think almost everyone has seen this movie by now. It stars Joey King, she was Ramona in Ramona & Beezus. The movie is about friendship, love, and high school. Yes, it is a little cheesy but it is such an adorable movie. This is a must watch.
  5. Friends – Last, but certainly not least. If you know me, you were probably wondering when I was going to put “Friends” on my list. I have watched, and watched again and rewatched this show so many times I lost count. I can honestly tell you word for word each episode. I have no doubt that every episode will have you laughing. Trust me. You will not take a break from watching. This is my favorite show to date.

What are some of your Netflix “must watch” shows or movies? Leave a comment below. Happy binge watching!


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