My Current Favorite Hair Products

Let it be known that my mom got me hooked on essential oils when I was fresh out of high school. We personally use doTERRA Essential Oils and love them! They have so many great products that are natural and safe which is a huge plus for me.

We decided a few months ago to try their shampoo and conditioner. To say it is amazing would be an understatement. There are three main reasons I love this product. I have always struggled with finding a great shampoo that is: one – safe for color treated hair;  two – does not weigh my hair down but still adds moisture to my hair; and three – allows me to go longer between washes even though I have oily hair.  The doTERRA shampoo and conditioner do all these things for me. Bonus, it smells great, too!


The next product is one that my hair dresser turned me onto. It is a blue shampoo that helps keep the “brassy” tones out of your blonde. After giving it a try, I understand why she recommended it. I have never seen a shampoo work so fast. So basically, I wash my hair two to three times a week and only use the blue shampoo one of those times. Also it has helped keep my hair from drying out.

The final product is a split end serum that helps protect the ends of my hair. I put my hair through a lot during the day with heat and styling. I simply use a dime size amount and run it through the ends of my washed hair and let it air dry. It also helps with frizz.

I can not recommend these products enough. It is a combination of these products and my amazing hair dresser that keeps my hair looking salon fresh even weeks after the salon. I would love to know about some of your favorite hair products. Leave a comment below. Also, give me a follow on Instagram to see what else I am up to @nat_ponder.


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