5 Summer Nail Polishes

We are in the “dog days” of summer now. It is prime time for summer nail polishes. I have picked five of my current favorites to share with y’all. Since starting my budget friendly lifestyle, I have cut some luxuries. For example, getting a mani/pedi every other week. It has been my mission since then to find nail polishes that can withstand the stress my job requirements put on my hands. I fell in love with two brands – Essie and Sally Hansen mainly because they go on smooth and last.

(from left to right)
  1. Sally Hansen “Byte Blue” – I love this color, especially when I have a tan. It is the perfect color for a beach trip. Since it is a gel polish, it lasts up to two weeks.
  2. Essie “Haute to Trot” – This is my all time favorite pink. I call it my “Barbie doll” pink. It is a gel polish, as well. So it can last up to two weeks.
  3. Essie “Sheer Fantasy” – This polish is more of a sheer color, and it is so natural looking. You probably guessed that it is a gel polish. I love gel polishes because they can last much longer than regular polishes.
  4. Essie “Pre-show Jitters” – The absolute best white polish on the market right now. It is so pretty and is also a gel polish.
  5. Essie “Topless & Barefoot” – This one is not a gel polish but it does tend to last at least a week. It is my favorite nude polish.
  6. BONUS! my favorite Essie top coat, hand lotion, and cuticle cream.


I tend to stick to more neutral nail polish colors but in the summer I try to branch out a little bit. Pink and blue are about as far as I will go. I would love to know what some of your favorite nail polishes are. Please comment below. Also you can follow me on Instagram to see what I’m up to during the week @nat_ponder.


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