America & Cadillacs

Its fireworks time!!! Time to celebrate the birthday of our great nation. For me and my family, that means BBQ on the grill and the night sky filled with fireworks.  What about you?  Do you have July 4th traditions?

I love summer with it’s long days, adventures to be had and road trips. I’m from Bushland which is a small community right outside of Amarillo. Amarillo is known for many things, but one thing is Cadillac Ranch which is located on Interstate 40 between Amarillo and Bushland. It is a popular stop for travelers especially during the summer. People from all over come to see the Cadillacs. If you have never seen them, make plans to stop next time you’re road trippin’ and passing through the Texas Panhandle.  Be sure to bring a can of spray paint, though.  Everyone leaves their mark at Cadillac Ranch.



  1. Tank top
  2. Plaid shirt
  3. Shorts
  4. Shoes


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