Riu Dunamar

Last week my family and I vacationed in Cancun for a week. We stayed at an amazing all inclusive resort, Riu Dunamar. Riu is a major resort company. They have many other coastal resorts to choose from. What I loved most about this resort is that it was very secluded. It was located at the very end of the highway. It was so peaceful there.


Now, let me get to all the details on this resort. Number one, the food was to die for. We mainly loved the buffet because it had so much to choose from and believe me, it was not your typical buffet food. This was the preferred choice of the guys since it’s dress code was more relaxed than the individual restaurants. We did end up eating at one of the restaurant there, the Kulinarium. It was absolutely delicious, like melt in your mouth good. From appetizers to dessert, the food could not get any better. Lastly, our favorite pool side bartender, Freddi, gets five stars for service, personality, as well as his bartending skills.


Let me add to the list of reasons to stay at the Riu. The rooms were very nice and spacious. If you book an ocean view room, the view is beautiful. The only complaint I have is that if you share a room with your brother, the maid services will constantly push your beds back together. This happens everywhere we go, no one believes me when I tell them we are brother and sister. I guess to them we don’t look alike.

I highly recommend this resort. The service, rooms, and food were all excellent from check-in to check-out. Might I add, our last day there it poured rain for most of the morning. The grounds people not only used a broom to keep the water off the side walks, but also used rags to wipe off each leaf and flower in the potted plants around the resort. I mean talk about making sure the resort looks perfect at all times. Excellence is top priority for them.

I also have to give a shout out to Alexa! No, not Amazon’s Alexa. This is Alexa Spahr.  She is the travel agent that listened to our vacation likes and dislikes and then recommended Riu for us. She definitely knows what she’s doing. So, the next time you want to plan a big trip, give her a call.


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