What’s in my Beach Bag

After growing up going to the beach every summer, finding the perfect beach bag essentials has been quite the task, but I’ve got it figured out now. Of course, the most important part is the beach bag. Sunscreen is also equally important especially if you want to protect your skin. I’m obsessed with the smell of grapefruit and coconut, and Target happened to have those sents in sunscreen and spf chapstick. Do not forget about protecting your face. For this trip I’m using the Rodan + Fields Soothe face sunscreen. This is the perfect face sunscreen for someone with sensitive skin (like myself). Most importantly you must pack a great pair of sunglasses! Now, I’m an optician. So, I could give you a long speech on how important sunglasses are, but I won’t make y’all read that. 😉


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