He is Risen

Is it Easter already? To say this year is flying by, would be an understatement. I feel like I just wrote my New Year’s Eve blog.

This Easter I convinced the family to wear my new favorite spring color, yellow and of course navy/light blue because that looks good on everyone. This year’s outfits might be my all time favorites. I am sure I will say that again next year, too.😂

When I was little, Easter was all about the Easter bunny, egg hunts, and going to church. Now that I’m older, Easter is still about going to church, but now instead of the Easter bunny, I’m pumped about the food. The Ponder’s never say no to cooking up a big meal.  Our Easter tradition is simple – church, get dressed up and cook a big meal. We keep Easter laid back and relaxed.

There is one other part of the weekend. Every year our church does a huge community wide egg hunt at the local high school football field. My whole family helps with that, and it is so much fun. I love being apart of such an awesome church family.


My Outfit:


My Mom’s Outfit:


My Dad’s Outfit:


My Brother’s Outfit:

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you enjoy your day with friends and family. Leave a comment with your Easter outfit. I would love to see them!


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