Three Valentine’s Day outfits


Valentine’s Day is all about the date. Lucky for you, I have put together three different date night outfits to help you out as you are rushing to find the perfect outfit to wear that night.

The Dressy Date Outfit

This outfit is for the girls whose man is taking them to a fancy and romantic restaurant for dinner. For this date, jeans and a cute blouse just will not do. It is time to put on some heels and a dress that looks great on you, and wow him! I found this dress at Target and I am loving the lavender color. It is flirty, but at the same time classy.  My suede single strap heel is also from Target (shocking I know). Add some pearls and your dressy Valentine’s Day outfit is complete. All of my dining room decor can be found in my “Home Sweet Home” blog.

The Casual Date Outfit

This outfit is for the girl who prefers a more casual date with her man. Just a nice restaurant and your man’s company is all you need. I found my long kimono at Versona. I could not find the exact one online. So I linked a similar one from Nordstrom. The black long sleeve lace up t-shirt I am wearing under the kimono is from Old Navy. My jeans are my absolute favorite pair from American Eagle Outfitters. Also, as you can see, I am wearing my favorite black suede heeled booties. I wear them all the time during the fall and winter seasons. They are linked in “My Favorite Fall Outfits” post. My sunglasses are from Ray-Ban and they are the Classic Aviator.

The “I Am Single” Outfit

If you are like me, Valentine’s Day is just another day when you are living the single life and rockin’ it. February 14, is just an excuse to break your diet by eating ice cream and drinking a Clearly Canadian, my favorite drink. Put on your pajamas, a face mask, and turn on your favorite romantic comedy. Make sure it’s a comedy, because you do not want to be sitting alone on your couch eating ice cream and crying!😂 My pajama pants are from Old Navy, and I kid you not when I say these are my favorite pajama pants. My valentine shirt is from Kirkland’s. Sadly, it is only available in stores so I am not able to link it for y’all. All of my living room decor can me found in my blog “Home Sweet Home.” As for my face mask, I ordered it from doTERRA and it does wonders for your skin.

I hope that whatever you are doing on Valentine’s Day, that you do it in style!


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