Daddy’s Girl

FullSizeRender 8You’ve already heard all about my mom, so now let me tell you about my dad. The saying goes, “Once a daddy’s girl always a daddy’s girl.” It may seem cliché, but it is true.

From day one I have had my dad wrapped around my finger. He can not say no to me. I mean, the main reason I ask him to go shopping with me is that he will buy me whatever I want. That is what dads are supposed to do, spoil their little girls, right? Besides spoiling me, my dad also taught me a ton and I mean a ton. I know all about sports, from how to play to who the best teams in the leagues are. He has taught me how to do “handyman” stuff around the house. Lastly, my dad is known as the “yard guy” and the “weather guy” so it’s safe to say I know about those topics, too. My dad is a hard worker and also has a touch of OCD. Thankfully, I am a hard worker and I have more than just a touch of OCD. If you don’t believe me, just come see my room. It’s hard to say if I’m more like my dad or like my mom. I would say I am a pretty good combination of the two.

Now as much as my dad has taught me, I have taught him many things as well. Thanks to me, he has the best wardrobe a 50-year-old man could ever have. He has also learned how to be more sensitive when it comes to giving me advice. For instance, he had to learn that although it may be okay to tell your son to “suck it up,” it is not okay to tell your daughter that. Especially when she is 13 and is having a hard time at school. By far, the best thing I have ever taught my dad is how to sit on the couch and watch a whole season of “Friends” in one day. He may say that he does not like the show if you ask him, but trust me he will be laughing during each episode.

I was blessed with an incredible dad, who I can always count on. I want to wish Happy Father’s Day to every dad. I hope you all had a great and relaxing day yesterday.

-Natalie Ponder

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