Vegas Baby!…or not

Last week my mom caught the stomach bug, which has lasted now a week. Since she has not been able to recover from it, we had to cancel our trip to Las Vegas. We were all super bummed about not being able to go to Vegas, but we know how to make the best of things.

Now, being in the Ponder family means you love any reason to celebrate and eat good food. Yesterday we grilled hamburgers, played multiple games of bean bag toss, watched a movie, and ended the night with s’mores. The weather was perfect, so we were able to eat on the patio. We were also able to spend most of the day outdoors enjoying some friendly competition. Let it be known, though, that my dad is the unbeatable champ of bean bag toss. So, we are looking for someone who can beat him if you know anyone. If you are anything like me, you love every holiday because you get to spend time with your family. That is what made yesterday so great, besides getting to have a cheat day and eat way too much food. I got to spend the whole day with the most important people in my life.fullsizerender-5.jpg

FullSizeRender 4


The original plan for this weekend was to be in Vegas. Since that had to be postponed, I had a ton of new clothes that were needing to be worn. I have recently fallen in love with overalls. I was skeptical at first about the trend, but I decided to try a pair on. I immediately loved how they looked. Yesterday I paired the overalls with a white off-the-shoulder top, black lace-up gladiator sandals, and a black choker necklace.

You can find the overalls at American Eagle Outfitters. The top is at Old Navy. The sandals are from a few seasons ago, but Old Navy has some that are similar. The choker was bought from American Eagle a few seasons ago, but they are so popular now that one can be found at almost any store that sells jewelry.


FullSizeRender 2


I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Thank you to the men and women who serve and have served our country.

-Natalie Ponder

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