Mother Knows Best


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Mother’s Day 2017


Now I know that everyone has said it, but I believe it, my mom is the best mom in the whole wide world. I find it only fitting to dedicate an entire blog to her in honor of Mother’s Day.

I don’t think I could ever tell my mom, “Thank you,” enough for everything she does for me as well as everyone else. She is selfless, caring, encouraging, and loving. She has a heart like God’s and if you have ever been around her, you know that to be true. She has not only raised two children, but she also puts up with my dad. Well, she actually puts up with all of us. We all give her a hard time because we are a sarcastic family, but also because she sets herself up for it. We all love her to death no matter how many times we make fun of her.

From day one, my mom has spoken life into me. She has always encouraged me to follow my dreams, and has helped me along the way. Never once has she given up on me, even when I have had an attitude (which happens a lot more than I care to admit). Even on my worst days, she still loves me unconditionally. When I need her help on how to handle a situation, she reminds me of the right thing to do. When I had a bad day at school, due to hurtful words, she spoke the Word of God over me and reminded me that I am not defined by who the world says I am. I am defined by who my Heavenly Father says I am. She is an open ear when I need to vent about my day. She is truly my best friend, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The great thing about being a young adult is that my mom can now be one of my best friends. When I was growing up, we were not best friends because she was doing her job as a mother. She did not want me to consider her my friend because I needed to respect her, listen to her, and obey her. It was her job as I was growing up to raise me the right way. But when I graduated from high school, things changed. We naturally shifted from a mother daughter relationship to a friend relationship. She became the person I tell everything to. I trust her with all of my secrets, problems, thoughts, and fears. She has said it to me many times, “I love being your mom,” and I love being her daughter. God knew what he was doing when he picked her out to be my mom and I am so thankful for that. I love you Mom, more than words can say.


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Mother’s Day 2014


-Natalie Ponder

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  1. You can truly say that you have the best Mom. I hope that I had a part of making her that way, but I feel that I have very fallen short in that department. She is your Mom and I love her dearly and only wish the best friend her and my grandchildren. Love you


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