First Blog & Easter Attire

My Family

Well, after about three years of pondering the idea of starting a blog, I finally caved. So here I am following my dream to one day become a well- known fashion and lifestyle blogger.

Easter… everyone gears up for this holiday. You buy new clothes, hunt eggs, eat lots of food, and of course, spend time with friends and family. Me, being the fashion obsessed person I am, love any reason to buy a new outfit and dress up. Now, in my family, I am the “personal stylist” for everybody. I am in charge of making sure we all look good, not just for Easter but for every day.

This year I was able to find my mom a dress pretty early. She is not very tall and has always struggled to find a maxi dress that is not too long for her. We found a maxi dress at Target that was the perfect length for her, we just had to get it. Next, it was time to find something for my dad to wear. Back in the fall, we got some great sport coats for him to wear with jeans and his dress shoes. We wanted to find him some sport coats for spring as well. We went to Men’s Wearhouse and found two spring/summer sport coats. He already had shirts to go with them. My parents were now set for Easter.

My Mom and Dad

Now, I also had to find a shirt for my older brother to wear. This may seem like an easy task, but believe me, it is not. He is not only picky about what he wears, he is also broad- shouldered and tall, meaning I have to shop in the big and tall section in order for the shirts to fit. As a family, we try to coordinate our outfits for Easter. My mom’s dress was navy with some pink, and my dad was wearing different shades of blue. So, I was trying to find Brett a blue shirt. I found the perfect shirt. Now it just had to be approved by him. He actually liked it, and he did not mind the small pink gingham print either.

My brother and I

Last but not least, I needed to find something for myself. I am not a last minute person, but this year I was. It was the Saturday before Easter and here I was in Target with my dad (I am sure you can imagine just how thrilled he was to be there) trying to find the “perfect Easter outfit.” After making a few laps through the junior’s department, I finally found the perfect outfit. It was a navy and pink printed jumpsuit. The jumpsuit was the perfect addition to the outfits I had already found for my family. It was the right colors and was the right fit for my body type. Now all I needed was a pair of shoes. This was the hardest part because I have small feet and always seem to have a hard time finding my size. Luckily I was able to find the perfect shoe to complete my look – an open toed suede nude wedge.

Front of my jumpsuit
Back of my jumpsuit
My shoes

Now it is time to start planning our outfits for next year.  🙂

Stayed tuned for more!

-Natalie Ponder



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